Publishing and marketing your scholarly book

Ashley Stewart, student blogger at Congress 2015

At Congress 2015, publishers from across Canada joined academics in a Career Corner panel discussion on publishing and marketing your scholarly book. The publishers spoke passionately about books and provided practical tips and advice, especially for scholars looking to publish their first book.

The different types of scholarly publishers in Canada range from university presses to large, multi-national textbook publishers, trade publishers, small literary presses, and hybrid publishers that publish both trade and academic work. Emily Andrew from UBC Press commented that early academics usually publish with a...


#HackCongress: Bring your own data

Victoria Hawkins, student blogger at Congress 2015

The all-day hackfest at Congress 2015 was certainly not reserved for computer geniuses only. Researchers of all levels of technology know-how gathered to collaborate on different methods of tackling research data.

The event encouraged experimentation in learning new technologies, and beginner workshops such as Catherine McGovernan’s “How to Clean up Messy Data” were presented as accessible and user-friendly. Jeanette Hatherill, one of the event’s organizers, explained that technology doesn’t have to be intimidating, and that HackCongress was meant partly to show what researchers can do without needing to write code or worry about "breaking" the software.

Some participants in the event...


Being private in public

Christine McKenna, student blogger at Congress 2015

Dr. Wendy Hui Kyong Chun is a professor and chair of Modern Media and Culture at Brown University, and her background in both Systems Design Engineering and English Literature has helped to shape a unique perspective on New Media and digital technology. She visited Congress 2015 and presented some fascinating ideas in a talk called “New media: Wonderfully creepy.”

Waiting for the event to begin, I sat chewing on the lid of my coffee cup, while absentmindedly scrolling through Twitter on my phone. As always, the muscles in my right hand remembered the subtle movements necessary to navigate between menus, screens, and applications. But rarely does my mind feel consciously engaged. I found myself checking the time...


La sélection musicale des auditeurs

Omar Mouallem

SHARCNET a reçu du financement de la Fondation canadienne pour l’innovation Innovation Fund. Matthew Woolhouse présentera « Decomposing the Human Development Index with Respect to Music » à la séance « Consuming Culture » de la conférence de la Société canadienne des humanités numériques qui se déroulera le mercredi 3 juin du Congrès 2015 des sciences humaines. Cet article a été publié à l’origine sur en juillet 2013.

Cet été, les amateurs de musique envahiront les festivals de musique du monde entier afin d’entendre leurs groupes préférés et de danser au son de leurs...


Les héritiers de l'Amérique française

Gabriel Arruda, étudiant-blogueur au Congrès 2015

C’est en terrain connu que le sociologue Joseph-Yvon Thériault présenta sa conférence «Qu'est devenue l’Amérique française » dans le cadre des causeries Voir grand  du Congrès des sciences humaines. Titulaire de la Chaire de recherche du Canada en Mondialisation, Citoyenneté et Démocratie à l’UQAM, l’intellectuel acadien fut cependant professeur de sociologie à l’Université d’Ottawa durant une trentaine d’années. C’est donc au sein de son alma mater que le sociologue dressa le portrait de la francophonie nord-américaine dans le contexte des commémorations des 400 ans de présence française en Ontario. Loin d’être uniquement les réminiscences d’un projet colonial manqué, le français...