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Conférence de la Société canadienne pour l'étude de la rhétorique (SCÉR)

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Mardi le 31 mai 2016 - Jeudi le 2 juin 2016

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Voir en pages 46-47 du Guide du Congrès

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À propos de la conférence

This year we are pleased to host two senior international keynote speakers, Pierre Chiron (Paris, France), a scholar of ancient Greek rhetoric, and C. Jan Swearingen (Texas, USA), a scholar of Chinese and intercultural rhetorics. We also welcome presenters and attendees interested in all other themes and aspects of rhetoric to our general panel sessions. Our association promotes dialogue through sessions delivered in plenary format. We mentor and encourage graduate and undergraduate students of rhetoric. We foster French/English bilingual dialogue, and we communicate regularly through social media. Our members offer diverse international, interdisciplinary perspectives in rhetorical studies.

This year, the theme of CSSR / SCÉR's keynote and special sessions are "Teaching rhetoric across time and cultures." One of the main questions we are asking is "What are the aims and potential impacts of rhetorical education: should it, and can it, not only enhance messages and enrich individuals or organizations, but also improve societies or broader communities?"

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Our French keynote speaker, Dr. Pierre Chiron, plans to share insights on the ancient tradition of rhetorical education called the "progymnasmata." He will explore its potential to strengthen civic education in the wake of acts such as the killing of the journalists of Charlie Hebdo, whose perpetrators passed through the French state education system. 

The progymnasmata has been core to many centuries of humanistic study and pedagogy across many cultures. The series of exercises has both Aristotelian and Isocratean traditions, and the Isocratean mode gives more emphasis to stylistic, aesthetic, and argumentative skills as well as social and political purposes. While the most elementary exercise was the fable, the culminating exercise in the series was the legal proposition, or the attack or defense of a law, which engaged in legislative reasoning that enabled one to reach the apex of competence in citizenship. What are we still learning about these rich, enduring traditions of humanistic education and how can we apply them today? 

Dr. Pierre Chiron, Université Paris-Est Créteil Val de Marne (Paris, France) is a leading senior scholar in the area of Greek language, literature, politics, and rhetoric from ancient times to the present. He is currently focused on the conditions under which ancient rhetorical exercises could be updated and renovated to contribute to the formation of the citizen. He has served as President of the eighth section of the National Council of Universities (2011-2015) in France.

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The rhetoric society CSSR / SCÉR normally hosts a Banquet off-campus at a Calgary restaurant. The CSSR also to provide options for an optional tourism activity or excursion for members, attendees, and their guests after the end of its association's conference.

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