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Conférence de l'Association canadienne de littérature comparée (ACLC)

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Samedi le 28 mai 2016 - Lundi le 30 mai 2016

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Voir en pages 46-47 du Guide du Congrès

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À propos de la conférence

We’re “Engaging Communities Comparatively” in Calgary! The annual Congress of the Canadian Comparative Literature Association will take place from 28 to 30 May 2016 at the University of Calgary. Historically attracting attendees from various literary disciplines, the annual CCLA Congress is organized in conjunction with the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences and hosted by a different Canadian university each year. The CCLA develops a three-day of presentations, keynote lecture, AGM, and pub night. Scholars, professors, and students from across Canada and abroad meet, share ideas and engage in discussions with comparative perspectives to promote intercultural understanding. Join us!

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Engaging Communities Comparatively 

Knowledge and understandings of shared values are created based on our respect for difference and diversity and our engagement with the communities we live in. A focus on connections between the individual, the local and the global can provoke new ways of thinking. 

From May 28 to 30, 2016, as part of the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences of Canada hosted by the University of Calgary, the Canadian Comparative Literature Association (CCLA) invites scholars to explore the theme of engaging communities. What is the role of Comparative Literature in an increasingly multi-mediated and multicultural world? How can Comparative Literature engage with wider communities, both nationally and globally? In what ways can Comparative Literature portray or imagine possibilities that are grounded in both the local and the global? What kinds of theoretical approaches can we adopt to interpret literature that can critically engage readers in a constantly changing world? 

Conférenciers invités 

Keynote Speaker: Chris Lee ,  Associate Professor of English and Director of Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies, University of British Columbia 
Keynote Lecture (major co-sponsor: CACLALS; co-sponsor: ACCUTE): "Conjecturing Community in Asian Canadian Literary Culture" 
Variously depicted as an idealized counter-public, an insulated subculture, or a utopian social formation, no concept is, arguably, as central or fraught as community in Asian Canadian literary culture. Taking as its starting point the post-structural critique of community, this talk seeks to historicize this concept in relation to two distinct moments. The first is the rise of consciously Asian Canadian literary culture in the late 1970s/1980s, which Chris Lee will examine via newly available multimedia archives. The second concerns articulations of the Chinese community in light of recent migration from Asia; here his discussion will focus on Kevin Chong’s novel 'Beauty Plus Pity'. 

Qui peut assister 

L'admission est réservée aux personnes qui sont inscrites au Congrès 2016 et ont ajouté l'Association canadienne de littérature comparée (ACLC, no.38) à leur inscription au Congrès. Veuillez noter que les frais d'inscription de la conférence sont distincts des frais d'adhésion de l'association.

À propos de l'association

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  • Responsable de programme : Jessica Tsui-Yan Li, York University
  • Coordonnateur(trice) local(e) : Pamela McCallum, University of Calgary
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