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Conférence de l'Association canadienne de science politique (ACSP)

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Mardi le 31 mai 2016 - Jeudi le 2 juin 2016

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Voir en pages 46-47 du Guide du Congrès

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À propos de la conférence

The annual Canadian Political Science Association conference will take place from May 31 to June 2, 2016 at the University of Calgary.  Academics from across Canada and around the world will gather to participate in exciting sessions that promise to be informative and insightful.  In addition to three plenary sessions there will be a number of interesting workshops, as well as Author Meets Critics sessions, a roundtable discussion of findings from the 2015 Canadian Election Study, and a Graduate Student Three Minute Thesis competition.  We hope to see you in Calgary!  

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Événements prévus 

There will be three exciting plenary sessions this year.  On May 31, Lynn Vavreck (University of California, Los Angeles), Hans Noel (Georgetown University) and Richard Johnston (University of British Columbia) will be discussing "Trumping Obama?  Candidates, Voters, and the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign."  On June 1 there will be a session on "Electoral Integrity:  Canada in Comparative Perspective," featuring presentations by Pippa Norris (Harvard and University of Sydney, Director of The Electoral Integrity Project) and Marc Mayrand (Chief Electoral Officer of Canada).  Finally, on June 2 the Hon. Preston Manning, founder of the Reform Party of Canada, will be joined by Tom Flanagan (professor emeritus of political science at the University of Calgary, former Conservative Party campaign manager) and Ian Brodie (University of Calgary, former chief of staff to Stephen Harper), to discuss "The Harper Decade:  Reflecting on Ten Years of Conservative Government."

There will also be a number of interesting workshops taking place over the three days of the conference:  Environmental Politics; Urban Political Authority; Context, Mechanisms and Process-Tracing:  Advancing Causal Inference in the Study of Federalism and Provincial/Territorial Politics in Canada and Beyond; Mediation of Gendered Identities in Canadian Politics; Shifting Practices and Discourses of Citizenship; LGBT People and Electoral Politics in Canada; Politics and Communication; Campaign Effects; and Healthcare Policy.

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L'admission est réservée aux personnes qui sont inscrites au Congrès 2016 et ont ajouté l'Association canadienne de science politique (ACSP, no.48) à leur inscription au Congrès. Veuillez noter que les frais d'inscription de la conférence sont distincts des frais d'adhésion de l'association.

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  • Responsable de programme : Laura Stephenson, Western University
  • Coordonnateur(trice) local(e) : David Stewart, University of Calgary
  • Coordonnateur(trice) local(e) : Anna Johnson, University of Calgary
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