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Conférence de l'Association canadienne des études latino-américaines et des Caraïbes (ACÉLAC)

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Mercredi le 1 juin 2016 - Vendredi le 3 juin 2016

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Voir en pages 46-47 du Guide du Congrès

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À propos de la conférence

The annual meeting of the Canadian Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies is the largest Canadian gathering of experts on all aspects of Latin American society, culture, politics, history, economics and development. With participants from Canada, the United States, and several Latin American countries, it is a unique opportunity to reflect on the issues that have shaped this region and that will shape it in the future.
The theme of the conference of the Canadian Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies is Hybrid Communities, Societies, Spaces, and Subjectivities. Many of our papers focus on the mix of Indigenous, African and European influences that produced hybrid Latin American and Caribbean societies. From food, music, and language to literature and religion, hybrid heritages are deep and rich. Hybridity is not only a product of mixed societies, but also a perspective from which people in the region view the world: not as a lesser form of established ideas, but as a generator of new ones. In this spirit, we aim to reflect on and foster hybridity in a wide range of contexts and disciplines. This aim is part of the University of Calgary’s commitment toward “Energizing communities” through Congress 2016, “rooted in the belief that knowledge and understanding are created through associations of shared values, grounded in respect for difference and diversity among all peoples.”

Appel à communications

Conférenciers invités 

Dr. Sara Castro-Klaren, The Johns Hopkins University, will deliver the opening keynote address to a joint session of the Canadian Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CALACS) and the Canadian Association of Hispanists (CAH). She will speak on the topic of “Latin American Studies in the Crossroads of Globalization.” 

Featured CALACS panels supported by the International Development Research Council focus on “Contemporary Indigenous Issues,” the impact of the upcoming Olympic Games on Rio de Janeiro (“A Legacy for Whom? Mega-Sporting Events, City-Staging, and Urban Inequalities in Brazil”), and Migration. 

Événements prévus 

Roundtables on Student Issues: 

  • Tips for Writing a Successful Thesis 
  • Getting Your Writing Published 
  • Navigating the Academic Job Market in Shifting Economic Times 

Qui peut assister

L'admission est réservée aux personnes qui sont inscrites au Congrès 2016 et ont ajouté l'Association canadienne des études latino-américaines et des Caraïbes (ACÉLAC, no.76) à leur inscription au Congrès. Veuillez noter que les frais d'inscription de la conférence sont distincts des frais d'adhésion de l'association.

À propos de l'association

Pour plus d'informations sur l'adhésion ou sur cette conférence, communiquer directement avec l'association aux contacts ci-dessous.

  • Responsable de programme : Hendrik Kraay, University of Calgary
  • Coordonnateur(trice) local(e) : Hendrik Kraay, Monique Greenwood-Santos et Elizabeth Pando Burciaga, University of Calgary
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