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Conférence de l'Association canadienne pour les études en coopération (ACÉC)

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Mardi le 31 mai 2016 - Vendredi le 3 juin 2016

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Voir en pages 46-47 du Guide du Congrès

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À propos de la conférence

With a focus on the role of democracy, this conference will highlight co-operative research, education and development that is strengthen co-operatives and transforming communities. From board governance to community and economic development, how does democracy play a role in building stronger co-ops and communities. What are best practices for cultivating excellent democracy policies and practices that create productive and engaged citizens, members and owners. 

Whether you are a trainer, student, elected leader, co-operative developers, researcher, youth members, or practitioner you have a place at the Calgary conference. 

The theme of this year's conference will be "Energizing communities: Co-operatives Nurturing Democratic Practice".

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  • Domaines de réflexion : Co-operatives, Democracy and Engaged Communities; Co-operative, Democracy and Education; Co-operative Research; Co-operative Development; Intergenerational Cooperation
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  • Réception du recteur : le jeudi 2 juin 2016

Appel à communications 

Conférenciers invités 

Keynote Speaker: William J. Nelson, vice president of Corporate Citizenship, CHS and president of the CHS Foundation 

As both a former professor at the University of Minnesota-Waseca and as the president of CHS Foundation, William Nelson has worked to fostered opportunities of collaboration and partnership in an effort to advance the application of cooperative research and education. As a multidisciplinary network of researchers and educators dedication to the generation, dissemination and application of research, CASC would welcome the opportunity to have Mr. Nelson discuss his insights gained over his 30+ year career in improving the quality, application and breadth of cooperative research and education. 

Événements prévus 

  • Mobile Learning Sessions (Co-op tours)Step away from the campus and into the community. The Mobile Learning Sessions are an opportunity for attendees to visit and learn from local co-ops. 
  • Reception and Community Conversation on recent research: People, Power, Plant - the Best Practices and Knowledge Mobilization in Community Energy Development. This reception and conversation will feature research recently completed PPP is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and was formed to assess, document and share the experiences and lessons of community-owned renewable energy developments across Canada and beyond, with the goal of increasing the level of awareness and rate of implementation of such projects nation-wide. The reception will be held near campus and is open to the public 

Qui peut assister 

L'admission est réservée aux personnes qui sont inscrites au Congrès 2016 et ont ajouté l'Association canadienne pour les études en coopération (ACÉC, no.92) à leur inscription au Congrès. Veuillez noter que les frais d'inscription de la conférence sont distincts des frais d'adhésion de l'association.

À propos de l'association

Pour plus d'informations sur l'adhésion ou sur cette conférence, communiquer directement avec l'association aux contacts ci-dessous.

  • Responsable de programme : Sarah Pike, Association of Cooperative Educators
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