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Contemporary indigeneities

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Dimanche le 29 mai 2016, 08h45 à 10h15

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Social Sciences - 423

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This panel engages such Indigenous authors as Alootook Ipellie, Thomas King, and Daniel David Moses—as well as social media, Canada Reads, the landscape, and linguistics—to argue that contemporary forms of Indigenous reading and writing are developing new political and literary possibilities.

Speakers include: Keely Cronin, University of Waterloo: Tweeting Barriers: Indigenous Narratives, Canada Reads, and Digital Debate; Rebecca Fredrickson, University of Alberta: Reading as Wayfaring: Orientations in Alootook Ipellie’s “After Brigitte Bardot” and Kailin Wright, St. Francis Xavier University: Political Adaptation: Performing “I am” Declarations and the Adaptive Self in Canada

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