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Decolonial solidarities and the work of Sharron Proulx-Turner: An Aboriginal roundtable

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Dimanche le 29 mai 2016, 13h30 à 15h30

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Hotel Alma - Senate Room

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This event brings together celebrated Indigenous and Canadian writers, scholars, activists, and filmmakers to think together about questions of solidarity in relation to decolonial struggles and the work of two-spirit Métis poet and nokomis Sharron Proulx-Turner. 

Writers: Richard Van Camp and emcee Joanne Arnott

Panelists include: Susan Briscoe, Weyman Chan, Marilyn Dumont, Hiromi Goto, Tasha Hubbard, Larissa Lai, Beverly Little Thunder, Ashok Mathur, Sharanpal Ruprai, Gregory Scofield, Aruna Srivastava

With financial support from the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences Aid for Interdisciplinary Sessions Fund.

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