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First Nations children’s literature

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Mardi le 31 mai 2016, 10h30 à 12h00

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Social Sciences - 209

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This panel discusses stories for children and young adults by First Nations people. It aims to place children’s literature about Native experience, history, and tradition at the center, rather than at the periphery, of discussions concerning the long-term effects of colonialism.

Organizer and Chair: Roxanne Harde, University of Alberta; Alana Fletcher, Queen’s University: Sahtu Dene “Children’s Literature”: Cross-Cultural Expedient or Problematic Simplification?; Erin Kean, University of Ottawa: “A thing apart”: Racialized Boyhood in Emily Pauline Johnson’s Juvenile Adventure Stories; Danielle A. O’Connor, University of Alberta: Finding Home and Identity through Language and Community in Christy Jordon-Fenton and Margaret Pokiak-Fenton’s A Stranger at Home; Erin Spring, University of Lethbridge: Reflections from a Reserve: Adolescent Readers’ Responses to Culturally Relevant Fiction

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