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The pen as colonizer and reconciler

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Samedi le 28 mai 2016, 13h45 à 15h15

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Social Sciences - 541

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Moving from the nineteenth century through to the present, this panel focusses on textual representations of and resistance to residential school and other colonial abuses in Canada, even as the panelists demonstrate how hope for reconciliation and understanding can come through literary and other creative acts.

Speakers include: Jane Griffith, University of Toronto, English Only, English And: The School Newspapers of Late Nineteenth-Century Indian Boarding Schools in Canada;  Janet MacArthur, University of British Columbia: “The Indians did not call it Ogopogo”: Tmixw in Susan Allison's Life Writing and Fiction; Anah-Jayne Markland, University of York: Picturing Residential School Stories: The Compliance and Defiance of Picturebooks about Canadian Residential Schools

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